I don’t normal gamble but couldn’t resist free bets deal

A free bets favourite of mine

Free Bets deal on Manchester United

Big game this weekend and as a big Man U fan I have used a free bets offer on it. I started to support Manchester United after I met and started going out with my husband who is a huge fan. He would go off most weekends to watch his beloved team and if I wanted to see him on a Saturday the chances are I would need to travel all over the country to be with him. As the centre is closed on the weekend anyway we will often travel and stay the night in the places we visit to go and watch them.

This weekend we have a room booked in London and we are going to combine three of my passions, football, nights away and shopping! We will travel down on Saturday morning and check in then go to do a bit of Christmas shopping before the game. After the game a nice meal out then the following day its more Christmas shopping, all in all a heavenly weekend for me.

I could not pass up the free bets offer

With such a huge game at the weekend I could not pass up a free bets offer that I had sent to my email from a friend. She knows I am football mad and had come across an offer from Bet365 on the Arsenal v Man Utd game and sent it over to me. I don’t normally bet but as it was free I signed up and put my free £5 bet on a United win 1-2. It won’t be an easy game for us especially after the international matches claimed yet more players for the treatment table but its good news on Di Maria and De Gea as it looks like they are both fit for the big game.

Its also good news on Blind who I thought would be out for months however it looks like it was not as bad as first thought so I look forward to him being back in weeks rather than the months the papers led us to believe. It has been a terrible start on the injuries front and I am amazed to see where we are in the table given that run of bad luck but this weekend really is a massive game and a win would be a fantastic result going in to the busy Christmas period.

Shopping and free bets

This weekend will be bliss if we win but even if we don’t at least I can feed my other passion, shopping. I love shopping in London and at Christmas it’s extra special. We are going to try to do all the kids presents at the same time and so it will be a bit of a marathon shop which I am sure my husband will relish. We will also be stopping in on friends on the way back and as I haven’t seen them for a few months I am really looking forward to seeing them and spending some time with them.

If you fancy a flutter on the game go on to Bet 365 and take up the offer I did of £5 free bets on the match this weekend. http://www.freebetsinternational.com

We have ordered new plaques for the building

We went for stone plaques for the centre

Looking into plaques for the centre

We have been looking into getting new plaques for the building to finish the place off and make it look more professional and presentable. There is quite a few different finishes that you can choose from and they range in price and styles. You can pick from a number of different materials to have your plaques made up from stone in a number of different colours and textures to natural slate in a variety of forms. We were going to go with a stone sign as it fitted in with the surroundings better and once that decision was made next was to choose the specific sign and style we were going to have.

Bath stone sign plaques

We had a quick look online at the different options and decided on bath stone plaques for our signs we really liked the yellow stone and engraved they always look great. We decided on gong for a natural product for a few reasons. Firstly they are timeless so once we had ours that was that some of the more modern looking materials can date and we did not want that. Secondly they weather really well with minimum fuss we wanted something that always looked great and don’t need much maintenance. Stone looks pretty much the same as the day you bought it however bad the weather conditions and environment is. We did not want to be replacing plaques all the time so we wanted something that would last as long as the centre was open really. Once this was sorted all that was left was to order them and get them up we went online to do this and once we had picked the stone and the finish we typed in the details and paid for the plaques, it was as simple as that. They took 4 weeks to arrive but looked terrific when they turned up it was really easy to fit them basically they attach to a flat surface with a few screws you can cement them into place but we didn’t want to go to all that trouble and some of the places we wanted them were not appropriate to do that.

Plaques are up and things are good

It only took a few hours to get them put up and they do look really good now they are in place. We are really happy with the end result and they do give the place a nice look. The centre is gong really well at the moment we have some amazing clients and they have really bought into our ethos and way of working which makes for a very happy centre. We are completely full at the moment and wish we had more space so we could expand but maybe that will have to wait a while as we have plenty to deal with as it is. We are really happy with the stone plaques we bought and can recommend the company that did our’s very highly indeed for information you can go to their website http://www.stonesign.com

Been looking for someone to donate second hand stoves

Our search for second hand stoves for the playgroup

We are looking for people with second hand stoves to donate to us

The unit was really cold for the playgroup in the early months of set up and so we are looking for a kind individual to donate second hand stoves to us so we can heat the place without the massive cost implications of industrial heating solutions. We have a woodburning stove at home and they are so economical that we think it would work great at the playgroup building. If you are a stove shop with old second hand stoves models or an individual with a stove that they are replacing we would love to hear from you.

Our charity works with disabled children and we will have to heat the place come autumn/winter to provide a warm space for them to enjoy the sensory play group we have created. We have got gas heating currently but as budgets are always tight and to be honest we would rather spend the little money we have on creating a better environment for the kids we are looking for a ind soul to help us out and ditch the gas for a woodburner.

Husband a dab hand with second hand stoves

We really don’t mind the condition as my husband is a dab hand with mending them and so even if its battered or bruised we would love to take it off your hands. If you are running a stove shop we can even get a little plaque made up with your details acknowledging your support for us as a small thank-you. If you cant help on this front but fit them we would also love to hear from you regarding fitting as we will need this done in August time regardless of any donations so please get in touch and if you feel you can help us in a quiet period that would be amazing we will provide the tea and biscuits if you could donate a little time for a great cause.
Ideally we are looking for two such woodburners as its a big poorly insulated unit but anything will be better than we currently have so if you can pleas help.

Second hand stoves is only part of what we need

As well as sorting the heating out with second hand stoves we are always looking for help from tradesmen to volunteers our small charity relies on the good nature of others to keep the place open. We have been overwhelmed by peoples generosity in both financial and time given and hope that this can continue so the Children will always have a place to come, play, interact and relax in a safe and nurturing environment providing plenty of stimulation for all their senses.
If you are ever in Kent please feel free to look us up and pop in to see how the place is coming along and meet some of the dedicated individuals that help keep the place as vibrant and rich as it is.