Been looking for someone to donate second hand stoves

Our search for second hand stoves for the playgroup

We are looking for people with second hand stoves to donate to us

The unit was really cold for the playgroup in the early months of set up and so we are looking for a kind individual to donate second hand stoves to us so we can heat the place without the massive cost implications of industrial heating solutions. We have a woodburning stove at home and they are so economical that we think it would work great at the playgroup building. If you are a stove shop with old second hand stoves models or an individual with a stove that they are replacing we would love to hear from you.

Our charity works with disabled children and we will have to heat the place come autumn/winter to provide a warm space for them to enjoy the sensory play group we have created. We have got gas heating currently but as budgets are always tight and to be honest we would rather spend the little money we have on creating a better environment for the kids we are looking for a ind soul to help us out and ditch the gas for a woodburner.

Husband a dab hand with second hand stoves

We really don’t mind the condition as my husband is a dab hand with mending them and so even if its battered or bruised we would love to take it off your hands. If you are running a stove shop we can even get a little plaque made up with your details acknowledging your support for us as a small thank-you. If you cant help on this front but fit them we would also love to hear from you regarding fitting as we will need this done in August time regardless of any donations so please get in touch and if you feel you can help us in a quiet period that would be amazing we will provide the tea and biscuits if you could donate a little time for a great cause.
Ideally we are looking for two such woodburners as its a big poorly insulated unit but anything will be better than we currently have so if you can pleas help.

Second hand stoves is only part of what we need

As well as sorting the heating out with second hand stoves we are always looking for help from tradesmen to volunteers our small charity relies on the good nature of others to keep the place open. We have been overwhelmed by peoples generosity in both financial and time given and hope that this can continue so the Children will always have a place to come, play, interact and relax in a safe and nurturing environment providing plenty of stimulation for all their senses.
If you are ever in Kent please feel free to look us up and pop in to see how the place is coming along and meet some of the dedicated individuals that help keep the place as vibrant and rich as it is.

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