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Working with children its so much fun

I am a very busy working mum of two. My oldest has a learning difficulty and that prompted me to make some pretty big lifestyle changes. I was a high flyer and doing well running my own business until Janet came along and all that changed. We could see straight away that something was not quite right and as the years have passed Janet’s challenges have become more of an issue and so I started up a charity for children like ours.

The idea came about when we saw how Janet responded to sensory input like bright light and touching and we wondered if there was a play area that had this sort of stimulus for children so that we could take her to have a play and interact with other children. We searched and searched but could not find anything and then my husband joked we should set one up. This flippant comment started a chain of events that leads us to where we are now.

Three months later we were open

We set up a charity three months after this conversation and after many hours of planning and filling in of forms for grants and accounts etc. The Charity specialises in dealing with children with disabilities and gives them the chance to meet new friends and enjoy our sensory play space full of things for the children to experience. We are very proud of what we have achieved and seeing the children having fun and growing both physically and mentally makes it a very rewarding experience for us too.

The kids we have at our play group give us so much joy and ever day is different. We got most of the sensory equipment via a grant and volunteers are helping both with the children and the fund raising and i am delighted with the way everything is going. We look forward to meeting you soon.

If you are ever in Kent look us up

Our charity is based in Kent and we are always open to new children visiting the place whether that be for a day out or to become one of our regulars and so just let us know when you are coming and a little about the issues your child is facing so we can be prepared for them.

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